Surface Enhancements

The trade name Optiguard™ is used across the unique range of surface treatments offered by Panel Graphic. These applied finishes improve the performance of almost any type of plastic material by making it harder, less reflective, conductive, anti-fog, or even anti-microbial. Several of these treatments can be applied to customer supplied mouldings or free issue components and all are available in standard or custom sheet sizes, some from stock.

Optiguard™ Chemical & Abrasion Resistant Hardcoating
Optiguard Coatings will dramatically reduce scratching when applied to acrylic or polycarbonate sheet or mouldings giving a surface hardness approaching that of glass together with superior resistance to chemical attack.
Optiguard™ Anti-Reflection Coating
Varying locations and lighting conditions often pose problems with viewing consistency on many types of displays and other surfaces. Optiguard AR Anti-Reflection Coating from Panel Graphic can offer a solution for a wide variety of applications.
Optiguard™ Anti-Fog Coating
Optiguard Anti-Fog is a clear, 100% solids liquid that will cure when exposed to radiant ultraviolet processing systems. Optiguard Anti-Fog is a primer-less, non-marring coating which eliminates fogging on polycarbonate and other plastic substrates.
Optiguard™ ITO Coating
ito15 is a highly conductive coated optically clear polyester film. The combination of high visible light transmission, near-neutral colour and low electrical resistance make an ideal EMI/RFI shield for electronic displays, touch screen and membrane switch panels requiring moderate shielding effectiveness and high-quality optical properties. The thin film is ideal for easy integration into optical stacks and displays.
Optiguard™ Hygiene
Optiguard Hygiene™ antimicrobial technology is an incredibly effective way to stop the growth of harmful bacteria in places where good hygiene is critical. It's effective against a wide range of germs from food poisoning causing E.coli and Salmonella to antibiotic-resistant bacteria like MRSA and VRE.
Optiguard™ ESD Coatings
Clear Polycarbonate base material. Static dissipative (anti-static) coating applied to both sides. Clear abrasion resistant hard coating applied to both surfaces.
Optiguard™ AROL
Optiguard™ AROL “Anti Reflection Optical Lamination” is a multi-layer anti-reflective optical surface treatment which has been developed by Panel Graphic to enable more products to benefit from an affordable AR coating solution. Can be applied to plastics & glass or customer supplied mouldings.