Large Automotive Display Windows

23rd September 2021

Introducing our Large “One Piece” automotive display windows!

A high quality ‘secret-until-lit’ large automotive display window, up to 150cm in width combining the latest in anti-reflection surface technologies.

  • Anti-reflection sunlight readable finish enables exceptional performance and clarity
  • Surface lamination meets latest cockpit driver safety standards
  • Easy clean surface in either gloss or matt finish
  • Supplied with front and/or rear visual or secret-until-lit printed text
  • Fabricated in any complex sizes in large or small quantities
  • Extremely durable surface finishes

Partnering perfect touchscreen functionality with clear unsurpassed optical performance and anti-scuff easy clean technology.

This image is showing an example of a Large Automotive Display Window
Author: Chloe
Author: Chloe
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