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Display Enhancement Windows

Every type of information display requires some form of protection window.

PANEL GRAPHIC specialises in the supply of materials, coatings and surface enhancements to improve all electronic information displays, from the smallest LiDAR lens to the largest public transport information broadcasting screens.

We can supply Anti-reflection surface treatments & coatings to prevent unwanted surface glare and eliminate the risk of surface damage, contrast enhancing materials are also available to improve clarity and brightness and can be supplied in any fabricated dimension or thickness.

Why Panel Graphic?

Our USP is improving the performance of information displays

We actively engage in emerging technologies to advance the performance of all types of electronic information displays.

This ensure tomorrows technologies can be supplied today.

Specialist materials & coatings

Several of our services are completely unique to us and have been developed over 25years of continuous improvement and constant use - For example, our range of Optiguard™ Hard coatings and in house applied Anti-Reflection treatments are unique and only available from us.

Our product research teams are constantly looking internationally for new innovations in the surface coating market place to ensure we bring tomorrows technologies to today’s customers.

We offer full in house design & full prototyping facilities

Panel Graphic has trained CAD technicians throughout the company, using platforms such as Solidworks® Delcam® Corel Draw® to name a few.

This enables us to share our product knowledge in a more complex visual from with our customers, clearly demonstrating the suggested method of construction and product benefits.

We offer in house testing / research & development

We know what works “When and How” and can disclose our testing and develop strategies to our customers for them also to also benefit from our many years of experience.

When working on new projects or new material innovations we work closely with Universities and testing laboratories to offer a full comprehensive R&D product/service capabilities.

Fast knowledge database

Why reinvent the wheel?

Most challenges have been met by us, (but we really love it when new ones arise) by offering our in depth material and product knowledge based on many years of industry know how this proves time and time again to assist our customers by not only saving time to also save money.

Clean, modern manufacturing

Why not pay us a visit?

We pride ourselves on our working environment here at Panel Graphic and really like to show our customers and suppliers around, in accordance with our company moto of: “Be the best in all you can do” this also applies to our production, stores, and all shop floor areas, if we are tidy we are efficient and by being efficient we offer best manufacturing practices for our customers and become a supplier all customers will be proud and excited to work with.

Comprehensive internal training & certification programme

Panel Graphic has an excellent dedicated training programme within the business, all staff receive extensive training when they join us. We have recently introduced our own unique internal certification programme which enables us to formally recognise individual skill levels for every employee & enables them to receive further training & gain new skills.

Client Logos

Panel Graphic Clients

From small start-ups to large corporate global brands, Panel Graphic are proud suppliers to some of the world’s largest and most highly respected blue-chip organisations.

We consider our relationships with clients to be partnerships.

During the last 20 years Panel Graphic have worked together with many organisations and seen them grow and prosper, with shared knowledge and expertise. We are incredibly proud to be part of their story.

It is from this experience that we positively value every partnership, and as we all grow, we continue to place strong emphasis on providing the same high levels of service for every customer.

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Interactive Production Facility

Panel Graphic Facilities

3 factories, 12 production areas, over 2 acres

Panel Graphic currently has 3 production facilities totalling 2,267m². Factory 1 is currently used for the application of surface treatments. The
main emphasis for this is placed on the Genesis Opticoat 600 Automatic UV-Cured Spray-Coating plant.

In 2004 the facility was extended to accommodate the ever-increasing demand for our services and products. New equipment and production
areas were installed, including a large temperature-controlled screen printing department.

In 2010 a second facility was purchased (Factory 2) and the company invested further in additional CNC machining and fabrication equipment to effectively service our growing customer base.

In January 2014 we purchased additional land adjacent to Factory 2 and built a third factory – which is predominately utilised for storage - and an additional 5 production units totalling an extra 886m².

Panel Graphic continues to grow. We pride ourselves in maintaining a philosophy of continual improvement and the importance of investment in staff, facilities and new technologies.

Panel Graphic Facilities
Factory 1A Factory 1B Factory 2B Factory 2A Unit 1 Unit 2 Unit 3,4 & 5 Unit 6

Factory 1A

Panel Graphic - Factory 1A

Offices and administration

Sales, Administration, Accounts, Product Design and Development, Production Management and Quality Management are all housed in Factory 1A, where our dedicated team share a wealth of knowledge and experience. However, the crew are not limited to the office and you will often find them on the shop floor as well. Most staff have journeyed through Panel Graphic’s various departments, gaining valuable material and product knowledge along the way.

Factory 1B

Panel Graphic - Factory 1B

Surface treatment / Clean room printing

“From small beginnings…”

For Panel Graphic, life began here in 600m² of space

Originally a designated coatings and printing facility, the company soon expanded to encompass complete product development and full manufacturing facilities. However, Surface treatment is still at the forefront of everything we do and as such has undergone many facelifts and improvements since the company’s inception. The Coating facility is unique and was designed and built by the company owner.

Optical Lamination, Precision Screen Printing and Final QA clean rooms (constructed in early 2018) are also housed in Factory 1B.

Factory 2B

Panel Graphic - Factory 2B

Sheet material / Component storage

Panel Graphic stock a wide range of sheet materials - all kept in environmentally controlled conditions in Factory 2B. Regulated stock control and location systems allow for efficient management of materials and logical component storage and retrieval.

Factory 2A

Panel Graphic - Factory 2A

CNC milling and machining /Plastic fabrication

Panel Graphic have invested heavily in technology that puts us at the forefront of bespoke product development and plastics manufacture. CNC Milling is housed in environmentally controlled production rooms within Factory 2A which also incorporates Plastic Fabrication.

Unit 1

Panel Graphic - Unit 1

Goods in / Distribution facility

Panel Graphic have a dedicated and stringent Goods In and Distribution team. Undoubtedly an essential part of the process that allows us to hit our delivery targets and meet our customer’s logistical requirements.

Unit 2

Panel Graphic - Unit 2

Large format glass & plastic printing

When size DOES matter… Large open facilities in Unit 2 allow us the flexibility to go big. When our clients require components that are dimensionally challenging for most, we can accommodate within our Large Format department.

Unit 3,4 & 5

Panel Graphic - Unit 3, 4 & 5

Automotive storage

Many of our automotive clients require additional dedicated manufacturing spaces that can be built to their own specification for individual projects. Units 3, 4 and 5 offer the flexibility for Panel Graphic to cater for these demands.

Unit 6

Panel Graphic - Unit 6

Equipment storage

Because Panel Graphic can cater for Low volume production on a wide range of products and components, this often requires machinery and equipment that is only utilised occasionally throughout the production year. Unit 6 offers us the flexibility to store such items as Infra-red and UV driers, print benches, multiple racking systems and feed/delivery systems.

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