Welcome To The Team Richard & Simona!

16th December 2019

We are very happy to welcome our newest team members to the Panel Graphic Family, Richard & Simona.

Richard joined the team in September 2019; working within our CNC machine department as a CNC machine operator.

Richard has taken to his role at panel graphic very quickly and his past CNC experience shows. He is very quick to learn, and always asking relevant questions and providing relevant feedback and ideas. I’m very keen to continue his training and he is well on track to becoming an integral part of the team!

Kent Wilson, CNC Department Project Head.

Simona started with us in October 2019, working within our clean room for the Porsche contract as a quality control inspector.

Simona has made excellent progress during her first weeks of training – asking lots of questions along the way! She is clearly a welcome addition to the Quality Assurance Team at Panel Graphic

Daniel Littlechild, Project Head

Author: Chloe
Author: Chloe
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