Undie500 European Rally

6th August 2019

The Panel Graphic Team are extremely proud of the RITB (Rumble in The Bumble) team for their outstanding achievement last week.

As you may know throughout the year we like to participate in several fundraising activities for multiple charities.

This year we wanted to start off the fundraising with a bang!! Our first chosen charity for 2019 is Prostate Cancer UK. To raise as much money as possible, Managing Director Steve entered into the Undie500 European rally; driving across 10 countries in 5 days!

The Team, known to the Public as Rumble In The Bumble made up of: Steve Earl, Ryan Earl, Duncan Townend & Sean Sterry travelled over 2000 miles last week & raised over £7000 for the charity!

We take social responsibility very seriously, and fundraise for local and national charities throughout the year. There is a positive outcome for everyone, including our staff, who know that the business is here to help others and not just ourselves.

Steve Earl, Managing Director
Departure from the Cliff Top Festival – Gorelston-On-Sea
Spodnja Sorica, Slovenia
Author: Chloe
Author: Chloe
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