NEW PRODUCT: Optiguard™ Touch

11th April 2023

You Touch, We Protect

After many months of testing and research we are proud to announce the launch of a BRAND NEW COATING… “Optiguard™ Touch”

This has been designed to offer customers all benefits in one single surface coating, ideal when applied to interior automotive switch gear and touch control panels and displays.

Optiguard™Touch: The FIRST surface enhancement treatment with ALL performance benefits. Developed by the Team at  Panel Graphic, Optiguard™ Touch provides the ideal solution for all High Touch Point (HTP) parts.

Optiguard™ Touch combines versatility with optimum performance across a broad range of applications such as Facias, Touch Displays, Controls, Soft Buttons and beyond.

Touching the future…

Whether at home, work, travel, or leisure we exist in an environment that demands collaboration with all kinds of touch screens, buttons, controls and automation.

Just a simple trip to the shops presents numerous digital surfaces with which we must physically interact – “Touch” – probably more than we are even aware.

At home – Alarm clock, shower, oven, kettle, tablet, phone.
The journey – In car controls, satnav, phone, infotainment system.
The car park – Ticket gate, payment machine.
The shopping centre – Lifts, pay points, digital food selection menu…

You get the idea…

This is why we need a solution… this is why we need

Optiguard Touch.

Introducing our revolutionary new coating that is scientifically proven to provide all round protection for High Touch Point (HTP) surfaces. The Team at Panel Graphic have developed an advanced formula that provides a durable multi-faceted coating to shield against the adverse conditions of modern life. 

Optiguard™ Touch is the only surface enhancement coating to provide all of the following elements:

Reduce bioburden and cross contamination with permanent infection control.
To aid fingerprint and infection control. Exceptionally easy to clean without harsh chemicals.
Protects against corrosion and wear from heat, moisture, pH, and electrochemical potentials.
Superb hydrophobic properties also protect against grease and lipids
Protection of substrates in any harsh, high-frequency contact environment.
For applications requiring static charge prevention or dissipation while maintaining optical clarity.

Author: Chloe
Author: Chloe
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