Happy 21st Birthday Chloé !

9th August 2019

Today the whole team came together to surprise Sales & Marketing manager Chloé.

Tomorrow Chloé turns 21. However, she wasn’t going to be let off lightly! She was called out of her Sales & Marketing meeting to be greeted by everyone at the bottom of the stairs to receive a card and some gifts!

Chloé joined the Panel Graphic team in September 2015. Originally starting as an administrative apprentice within the accounts department and she soon demonstrated potential. Soon after completing her apprenticeship Managing Director Steve, offered Chloé a position within the sales team!

Chloé now manages general sales enquiries and has taken on social media marketing for the company.

On LinkedIn, Chloé Said:

Thank you Panel Graphic Limited team for surprising me today! I really appreciate everything the company has done for me in both a professional & social way over the last 3 years!

I have put my Giraffes up in the fireplace at home. They are lovely, thank you very much!

Author: Panel Graphic
Author: Panel Graphic