Enviro™ Recyclable Desk Screens!

22nd May 2020
Enviro™ Small Desk Screen Shown

Panel Graphic Ltd are happy to announce the release of our Enviro™ Desk Screens.

The Enviro™ Desk Screen is manufactured from strong 100% recyclable material! Using innovate design and heavy-duty white laminated card Panel Graphic have manufactured desk & walling systems to suit low cost budgets for all.

Small – 1000mm x 750mm: £9.99 + VAT each

Large – 1000mm x 1500mm: £22.50 + VAT each

In addition, the small slot at the bottom comes filled in & is removable at any point. The central window is made from clear polypropylene.

Enviro™ Large Desk Screen Shown
Author: Chloe
Author: Chloe
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